Destination Scotland

With its variety of excellent entertainment spaces from classic to contemporary, Scotland firmly holds its place as a major player in the ever-popular sphere of destination events. The ease of access to incredible exclusive use venues set within magnificent grounds which become inspirational backdrops for your special occasion is just one reason why Scotland is a preferred destination for events.

You and your guests are assured of a culinary delight with the ingredients for your feast delivered fresh from source to a choice of local caterers who transform them into ingenious creations that delight the palate and astound the mind. Our vast resources, including highly skilled artisans and craftsmen, make it possible for every design and entertainment aspect of your event to be truly bespoke for an unforgettable experience that will be kept alive through the amazing talent of local photographers and videographers.

If guests choose to extend their stay longer and continue exploring, there is no shortage of destination managers to help you continue to experience an authentic slice of everything Scotland has to offer with respect to local culture, cuisine and history.
We have profiled a small selection of offerings available to you and your guests for your destination event in Scotland.